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Canaan community academy continuing education

Govenor Holcomb's Executive order April 2 prohibits schools meeting face to face and requires education to continue. What does this mean for your child? Please watch the video to find out. 

Canaan Community Academy Update

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Letter to Families

Board of Directors Letter

Board of Directors Letter

Coronavirus Closure Information

Dear Canaan Community Academy Families,

As a reminder, Spring Break will be Monday, March 16, 2020 through Monday, March 27, 2020. Dr. John Hossler, County Health Director, has requested an additional week of school closure for the week of Monday, March 30, 2020 through Friday, April 3, 2020. Students will tentatively return to school on Monday, April 6, 2020.

At this time, there is NO case of COVID-19 in Jefferson or the surrounding counties. 

There will be a meeting on Monday, April 1, 2020 with Dr. John Hossler of the Jefferson County Health Department to determine the best course of action moving forward over the next few weeks concerning the Coronavirus. The situation will be monitored one week at a time with the guidance of our local health professionals, as well as, state level officials.

As always, we encourage everyone to practice self-care and proactive hygiene practices. If you plan to travel, please be sure to monitor the health of your family.

Spring Break Activities: 

  • Read 20 minutes daily 
  • Cook or bake something to practice math
  • Make something 
  • Most important: take a nature hike for fresh air and sunshine (This can be fishing, bike riding, stomping in puddles)
  • Students should write daily in their journal the 3rd week
  • Check out the Canaan Community Academy YouTube Account for videos and reading clips from the teachers and staff:

Student and staff health and well-being is our number one priority. This a preventative measure.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic situation. We will keep you as updated as possible throughout the closure. 

Rhonda Pennington  

Chief Administrative Officer   

Megan Ritz

Chief Operations Officer


Board of Directors Letter

Board of Directors Letter

Board of Directors Letter

       Board Letter Concerning Coronavirus                   

Dear Families of Canaan Community Academy Students:

Preventative Measures Currently in Place:

  • Administration is working closely with Jefferson County Health Department and following/sharing state (DOE & health department) and national (CDC) information
  • CCA currently has a hand sanitizing station at the entrance of the school and all entering are expected to sanitize hands to prevent the spread of the flu and viruses. 
  • Students are also expected to sanitize their hands when they get on the bus each morning. 
  • Students and visitors will also sanitize hands when entering/exiting the building too.
  • The buses and the school are receiving extra disinfecting. 
  • Students are also being encouraged to wash their hands correctly and frequently.
  • On Monday, Nurse Buchanan presented hand washing information and fielded questions concerning the students' concerns about the coronavirus.


  • Being closely monitored and staff will continue to make calls home checking on students. 

Other Information:

  • If at any time a student or employee would be presumed to have COVID-19 you would be notified, through REMIND, social media, Class DOJO, phone calls to parents/guardians and a letter sent home. Plus, Jefferson County Health Department would be notified.

Parent Help: 

  • Please follow the attached guidelines for when a student needs to stay home and when they are ready to return to school.
  • Please do NOT send a backpack to school with your child until further notice
  • Please encourage your child to wash his/her hands correctly and frequently. 

Thank you for your understanding!

David Herring, Board President

Kenny Miller, Finance Committee Chairman

Jerry Eaton, Board Member

Nickie Backus, Board Secretary


Pandemic Response Plan

Board of Directors Letter

Pandemic Response Plan

Pandemic Response Plan

Level 1 - The virus has been confirmed to be spreading in the United States

  • Emphasize  hand-washing and general cleanliness ( students will use hand sanitizer when boarding the bus)
  • Everyone entering the building will use sanitizer on hands or wash hands if sensitive to hand sanitizer
  • Encourage covering mouths when coughing/sneezing
  • Encourage kids and employees to stay home if sick
  • Students will not be permitted to bring backpacks to school
  • Students stop sharing coats and/or clothing
  • High-touch areas will be cleaned multiple times daily including buses after each route

Level 2 - The virus has been confirmed to be in INDIANA (very few cases) - continue Level 1 precautions and:

  • Families will be notified (Remind, DOJO, Letter, Social media and phone call)
  • The nurse wears a protective mask, as needed
  • Follow state guidelines on gatherings
  • Windows opened, where able, to allow for fresh air circulation
  • Avoid unnecessary contact (handshaking, touching, etc.)

Level 3 - The virus has been confirmed to be in INDIANA (many cases and growing rapidly) - continue Level 1, 2 and: 

  • May not share pens/pencils/devices
  • Reduce all visitors to ESSENTIAL STAFF ONLY
  • Consider canceling after school activities
  • Reduce the amount of paper handling by students and staff
  • Teacher start preparing for missed school days

Level 4 - The virus has been confirmed to be spreading in SURROUNDING COUNTIES - continue Level 1, 2, 3 and: 

  • Staff DEEP cleans nightly
  • Shared PE/Recess equipment is removed
  • No shared sensory items
  • Cancel after school activities and athletic events
  • Staff disinfect desks and hard surfaces at the beginning and end of each day
  • Water fountains are closed - parents are encouraged to send water with student to school
  • Students may be required to stay home

Level 5 - The virus has been confirmed to be spreading in JEFFERSON COUNTY - continue Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and: 

  • Students AND FACULTY/STAFF may be required to stay home